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NLPES LogoNLPES Executive Committee  and Subcommittee Members and Officers

NLPES' officers are the chair, the vice-chair and the secretary. The immediate past chair remains an ex-officio member of the NLPES executive committee for one year. He or she provides general counsel to the executive committee, and helps to plan the Legislative Summit program but does not vote in committee decisions.

The NLPES Executive Committee directs NLPES efforts relating to the NCSL Legislative Summit, the NLPES Professional Development Seminar, and other NLPES programs and activities.  NLPES' executive committee is comprised of the past executive committee chair plus three officers and eight members all of whom are elected, on an alternating basis, to serve 3-year terms. About four executive committee seats are up for election each year. No more than one person from a legislative staff agency can serve on the NLPES Executive Committee at a given time.


The chair of the Executive Committee may create subcommittees and is responsible for appointing staff section members to serve on NLPES subcommittees. A NLPES Executive Committee member always serves as subcommittee chair, but anyone from the membership at large may participate and request a subcommittee appointment. The chair may also initiate special survey or research projects. Currently, NLPES has five standing subcommittees.

The 2014-2015 standing subcommittees for NLPES are:
Nathalie Molliet-Ribet, Chair
Marcia Lindsay
Wayne Kidd

The subcommittee administers the NLPES awards programs; considers revisions to awards criteria and makes recommendations for improvements to the NLPES Executive Committee.

Dale Carlson, Chair
Rachel Hibbard
Charles Sallee

The subcommittee routinely monitors the content and format of the NLPES website; coordinates the production of the NLPES newsletter with the NCSL liaison to NLPES; recommends ways to improve communication with NLPES members; and coordinates state contacts.

Professional Development
Katrin Osterhaus, Chair
Greg Fugate
Linda Triplett

The subcommittee develops and maintains a library of professional development opportunities on the NLPES website; develops distance learning opportunities (for example, webinars); assists with development of the professional development seminar; and oversees the NLPES account balance.

Peer Review
Lisa Kieffer, Chair
Angus Maciver

The subcommittee is responsible for reviewing and revising the peer review procedures guide.

Lisa Kieffer

The subcommittee oversees NLPES Executive Committee elections.

Selected NLPES Executive Committee Policies


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