NLPES Certificates of Impact

NLPES Certificates of Impact


2014 Submission Information and Award Criteria

NLPES Certificates of Impact will be presented for reports with the final release date occurring during calendar year 2012 or 2013, which had documented public policy impacts.

Submission Instructions

Each office may submit only one report for consideration.

Submissions for the Certificate of Impact must include (1) a copy of the nominated report; (2) a narrative of no more than two pages in length describing how the report has met two or more of the selection criteria; and (3) documentation of the report's impact described in the narrative. (Note: Submissions involving contracted work must demonstrate that office staff members were integrally involved in all aspects of the evaluation and report.)

Please also include a one-paragraph summary of the report and the name, phone number and e-mail address of a contact person for the report. (If your office receives this certificate, this information will be used in handouts for the NCSL Legislative Summit and the NLPES Professional Development Seminar.) If you wish, you may also include the names, titles and e-mail addresses for no more than five people you would like us to notify if you receive this certificate.  

Selection Criteria

Successful applicants must document that the report submitted meets two or more of the following criteria:

1. Dollar savings from implementing audit recommendations. This includes documented annual or one-time savings resulting from the implementation of the evaluation’s recommendations. To qualify, applicants must demonstrate that the recommendations were implemented and dollar savings resulted. It is not sufficient for the applicant to simply list the expected savings from implementing recommendations.

2. Program improvements as a result of implementing audit recommendations. These are improvements to the organization made as a result of implementing the recommendations. These could be documented through various methods including:

  • Evidence of changes in an organization's structure, training, procedures, etc. or
  • Documented improvements in agency outcomes as determined by reasonable outcome measures

3. Impacts from the legislature's perspective. These are documented results of the evaluation on legislatures. Some measures of legislative impact may include:

  • Changes in statute (please indicate specific statute changes and reference the applicable recommendations or section in the report which prompted the change),
  • Decreased or increased funding, or
  • Requests for presentations to legislative committees other than your oversight committee.

4. Impacts from the public perspective. These are documented results of the evaluation on the public. This could be measured through various methods including:

  • Media attention specific to the report's impact (media attention that simply discusses the report is not sufficient), or
  • Advocacy and special interest group responses.

5. Impacts from other organizations' perspectives. These are documented results of the evaluation on similar organizations. This could be measured through the following:

  • Evidence showing that the evaluation methodology has been copied by evaluators in other organizations, or
  • Documentation that the evaluation work is being used to improve the operations of other organizations that provide a similar service.

Frequency of Submissions

Any program evaluation office may apply for the Certificate of Impact.

Information about Judges

Each year, the NLPES Executive Committee selects two or three judges to review award submissions.   Please mail or email your application to each of the judges by the submission deadline May 9, 2014.

The Certificate of Impact judges for 2014 are:

Nicole Edmonson (Head Judge)
Louisiana Legislative Auditor
1600 N. Third Street
P.O. Box 94397
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9397

Patricia A. Berger
Senior Counsel/Project Manager
Pennsylvania Legislative Budget and Finance Committee
Finance Building, Room 400
P.O. Box 8737
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8737

Catherine Conlin
Chief Analyst
Connecticut Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee
State Capitol, Room 506
Hartford, CT  06106

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