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Statehouse Ambassadors LogoThe following people have agreed to serve as Statehouse Ambassadors.  For changes or corrections, please contact your NCSL state assignment staff person listed below.

Last updates 10/28/2014

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Statehouse Ambassadors

NCSL State Assignment Staff


Dave Avant, Assistant Secretary of the Senate


Clay Redden, Public Information Officer, House


Jerry Basset, Legislative Reference Service

Doug Farquhar (Den)


Pamela A. Varni, Executive Director, Legislative Affairs Agency

Morgan Cullen (Den)

American Samoa   Arturo Perez (Den)



Jeff Hurley (DC)


Ann Cornwell, Secretary of the Senate


Roger A. Norman, Legislative Auditor, Division of Legislative Audit

Brian Weberg (Den)


Tony Beard Jr., Senate Sergeant at Arms


Diane F Boyer-Vine, Legislative Counsel, Office of Legislative Counsel

Nancy Rhyme (Den)


Susan Liddle, Principle Analyst II, Colorado Legislative Council


Julie Pelegrin, Senior Attorney/Team Leader, Legislative Legal Services


Michelle Colin, Legislative Audit Manager, State Auditor's Office

Doug Shinkle (Den)
Mary Fairchild (Den)


Lisa W. Zaugg, HR Specialist, Office of Legislative Management

Melanie Condon (DC)


Bernard Brady, Senate Secretary


Debbie Porter, Acting Director, Division of Research


Erik Schramm, Chief of Staff, House Majority Caucus

Angela Andrews (Den)

District of Columbia

Nyasha Smith, Secretary of the Council of the District of Columbia


Jamaine Taylor, Assistant Secretary, Council of the District of Columbia

Joyce Johnson (Den)
Joy Johnson-Wilson (DC)



Luke Martel (Den)
Susan Parnas Frederick (DC)



Lee Posey (DC)



Arturo Perez (Den)


Carol Taniguchi, Senate Clerk


Brian Takeshita, Special Assistant to the Speaker


Marion Higa, State Auditor, Auditor's Office


Ken Takayama, Acting Director for Research, Legislative Reference Bureau


Robin Matsunaga, Ombudsman, Office of the Ombudsman

Corina Eckl (Den)



Mary Sue Jones, Assistant to Senate President Pro Tem

Julie Bell (Den)
Michelle Exstrom (Den)



Natalie Wood (Den)


Margaret 'Peggy' Piety, Staff Attorney, Legislative Services Agency

Martha Salazar (Den)



Annette Durlam (Den)



Anne Teigen (Den)


Chuck Truesdell, Assistant Public Information Officer, Legislative Research Commission

Rachel Morgan (DC)


Clarence Russ, Chief Sergeant at Arms, House of Representatives


Gary Schaefer, Information Systems Coordinator, Senate

Mandy Rafool (Den)


Debra Olken, Human Resources Director, Legislative Council

Julie Poppe (Den)
Kae Warnock (Den)


Karl Aro, Executive Director, Department of Legislative Services

Kathy Wiggins (DC)



Dick Cauchi (Den)
Angela Andrews (Den)



Brian Weberg (Den)
Rochelle Finzel (Den)


Kathy Schill, House Fiscal Analyst


Jim Greenwalt, Director, Senate Information Systems

Alison Lawrence (Den)


Max Arinder, Executive Director, Legislative PEER Committee


Lisa Davis, Assistant Clerk, House of Representatives

Brenda Erickson (Den)



Joshua Ewing (Den)
Max Behlke (DC)


Kevin Hayes, Legislative Communications Officer, Legislative Services Division


Sonia Gavin, Legislative Information Resources Manager, Legislative Services Division

Mary Fairchild (Den)


Nancy Cyr, Legal Counsel, Legislative Research Division

Katie Ziegler (Den)


Risa Lang, Chief Deputy Legislative Counsel, Legal Division, Legislative Counsel Bureau


Pepper Sturm, Chief Deputy Research Director, Research Division, Legislative Counsel Bureau


Mark Krmpotic, Senior Program Analyst, Fiscal Analysis Division


Eric Dugger, Network Administrator, Information Technology Services Unit, Administrative Division

Melissa Hansen (Den)

New Hampshire

Karen Wadsworth, Clerk of the House

Heather Morton (Den)

New Jersey

David Sallach, Section Chief, Office of Legislative Services


Frank Parisi, Principal Research Analyst, Office of Legislative Services


Marvin Jiggetts, Director, Central Management Unit, Office of Legislative Services

Larry Morandi (Den)
Ann Morse (DC)

New Mexico

Raul Burciaga, Director, Legislative Council Service


Frances Maestas, Deputy Director, Legislative Education Study Committee


Lorraine Montoya Vigil, Chief of Staff, Office of the Senate Majority Leader

Diane Chaffin (Den)

New York


Neal Osten (DC)

North Carolina

L. Carol Shaw, Principal Fiscal Analyst, Fiscal Research Division

Ben Husch (DC)

North Dakota

Jim W. Smith, Director, Legislative Council

Karmen Hanson (Den)


Lisa Sandberg, Staff Attorney, Legislative Service Commission

Peggy Kerns (Den)



Diane Chaffin (Den)


Ramona Kenady, Chief Clerk of the House


Scott Burgess, Legislative Administrator

Larry Morandi (Den)
Sunny Deye (Den)


Lisa Scullin, Press Secretary to the Senate Democratic Leader

Molly Ramsdell (DC)
Jennifer Arguinzoni (DC)

Puerto Rico

Juan Carlos Ortega, Legislative Librarian, Office of Legislative Services

Arturo Perez (Den)

Rhode Island

Paula Dominguez, Director of Legislative Research, House of Representatives

Sarah Brown (Den)

South Carolina

Djuana Wilson, Executive Secretary, House Education & Public Works Committee

Jennifer Arguinzoni (DC)

South Dakota

Fred Baatz, Principal Research Analyst

Max Behlke (DC)


Connie Frederick, Director, Legislative Administration

Jonathan Griffin (Den)


Cindy Ellison, Research Specialist, Legislative Council


Damian Duarte, Assistant Coordinator, House Office of the Committee Coordinator


Paul Priest, Assistant Director, Legislative Budget Board

Arturo Perez (Den)


Tim Osterstock, Audit Manager, Legislative Auditor General's Office


Stan Eckersley, Senior Fiscal Analyst, Legislative Fiscal Analyst

Stacy Householder (Den)


Michael Chernick, Research Counsel, Legislative Council

Erica Michel (Den)

Virgin Islands

Laurence Bryan, Executive Director, Legislature of the Virgin Islands

Arturo Perez (Den)


Susan Clarke Schaar, Clerk of the Senate

Jon Jukuri (DC)


Tia Durham, Executive Legislative Assistant, Office of the Majority Whip


Amy Ruble, Caucus Staff Coordinator


Jay Balasbas, Assistant Policy Director House of Representatives

Nancy Rhyme (Den)
William Pound (Den)

West Virginia

Nancy D. Butcher, House Administrative Assistant

Mary Wild (Den)
Molly Ramsdell (DC)


Robert Lang, Director, Legislative Fiscal Bureau

Wendy Underhill (Den)


Wendy K. Madsen, Legislative Information Officer, Wyoming Legislative Service Office

Kae Warnock (Den)

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