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2014-2015 LSCC Subcommittees and Work Groups

Information Technology Issues Subcommittee

Chair: Martha Carter, Nebraska
Vice Chair: Jon Heining, Texas
Vice Chair: Debra Levine, New York
Jennifer Bernier, Connecticut
Terri Clark, Kansas
Sarah Freeman, Indiana
Nathan Hatfield, Virginia
Russell Humphrey, Tennessee
Wendy Jackson, Wisconsin
Wayne Kidd, Utah
Naomi Miller, Texas
Nathalie Molliet-Ribet, Virginia
Gwennetta Tatum, Mississippi
David Teal, Alaska

NCSL Staff: Diane Chaffin, Karen Hansen

Staff Chair’s Goals/Responsibilities, 2014-2015

  1. Develop recommendations concerning the use of social media and other tools for outreach – what’s out there and how can we use it? How to stay up to date with analytical and communication
  2. tools?Develop strategies to increase use of e-learning and online programming.

LSCC Bylaws’ Goals/Responsibilities
The Information Technology Issues Subcommittee may develop, monitor, oversee and promote e-learning opportunities including:

  1. encouraging and assisting staff sections in producing e-learning tools using e-learning funds;
  2. developing a plan for contacting staff sections individually and for providing guidelines for e-learning grant requests and providing assistance in making such requests, if needed;
  3. reviewing e-learning data reflecting participation levels and evaluations;
  4. in cooperation with the Programs, Professional Development and Outreach Subcommittee, working with the NCSL marketing team to more effectively promote e-learning opportunities before the release of e-learning tools; and
  5. providing an annual report on the state of technology in legislatures, which shall include anticipated technological advances.

Legislative Institution Subcommittee

Raul Burciaga, New Mexico
Vice Chair: Rich Beckwith, Missouri
Vice Chair: Chuck Truesdell, Kentucky
Alan Calandro, Connecticut
Melissa Calderwood-Renick, Kansas
Ann Cornwell, Arkansas
Sonia Gavin, Montana
Bryant Howe, Utah
Kevin Kuroda, Hawaii
Ken Levine, Texas
Joel Redding, Kentucky
Carol Shaw, North Carolina
Jim Smith, North Dakota
Jan Yamane, Hawaii
Dennis Yoder, Texas

NCSL Staff: Larry Morandi, Brian Weberg

Staff Chair’s Goals/Responsibilities, 2014-2015

  1. Develop recommendations, including setting up a process, as to how LSCC might address longer term planning, including identifying and addressing trends and changes that will affect legislatures and legislative staff.
  2. Recommend strategies to recruit candidates for LCSS/Executive Committee positions. Review LSCC orientation and mentor programs.

LSCC Bylaws’ Goals/Responsibilities
The Legislative Institution Subcommittee may:

  1. continue to work on the LSCC bylaws adopted at the 2013 Legislative Summit;
  2. develop a strategy to prepare LSCC members to perform their duties, including updating written materials and improving the orientation and mentorship programs;
  3. develop programs and materials to assist legislatures in dealing with institutional issues;
  4. in cooperation with the Programs, Professional Development and Outreach Subcommittee, develop strategies to promote legislative service as a career;
  5. develop strategies and programs to promote the value of both nonpartisan and partisan legislative staff in legislatures;
  6. identify, support and create opportunities to positively highlight and promote legislative staff activities and achievements to states' legislative leadership and to the public.  

Programs, Professional Development and Outreach Subcommittee

Walker Reagan, North Carolina
Vice Chair: Lisa Davis, Mississippi
Vice Chair: Julie Pelegrin, Colorado
Stephanie Barrett, Vermont
Susan Byorth Fox, Montana
Lore Christopher, Oregon
Sabah Eltareb, California
Susan Furlong, Nevada
Scott Harrison, Nebraska
Aurora Hauke, Alaska
Linda Pittsford, Texas
John Snyder, Kentucky
Cory Stewart, Louisiana
Charles (Chuck) Douglas Williams, Jr., South Carolina
Charlotte Carter-Yamauchi, Hawaii

NCSL Staff:  Nancy Rhyme, Corina Eckl

Staff Chair’s Goals/Responsibilities, 2014-2015

  1. Review the Statehouse Ambassador program.
  2. Develop programs focused on staff in term limited states.
  3. Develop programs for Legislative Summit:
         a. LSMI alumni event/speaker
         b. Service project
  4. Conduct follow-up activities with first-time attendees at Legislative Summit.

LSCC Bylaws’ Goals/Responsibilities
The Programs, Professional Development and Outreach Subcommittee may:

  1. work with staff section officers to review and promote professional development seminars and share information on what has worked best for each staff section;
  2. recommend speakers, programming and related marketing for LSCC-sponsored sessions at the Legislative Summit, including associated scheduling and program format issues;
  3. oversee the Legislative Staff Management Institute and its marketing efforts;
  4. recommend procedures for annually updating the legislative staff membership directories of the Statehouse Ambassador Program, suggest candidates to fill ambassador vacancies, and recommend the content of ambassador responsibility guidelines;
  5. in cooperation with the Legislative Institution Subcommittee, develop strategies to promote legislative service as a career;
  6. in cooperation with the Information Technology Issues Subcommittee, work with the NCSL marketing team to more effectively promote e-learning opportunities, with emphasis on identifying the sponsoring entity, such as the staff section or staff network; and
  7. identify topics for LSCC-sponsored e-learning opportunities.

Staff Sections Officers Work Group

Scott Harrison, Nebraska; Chair, LSSS
Vice Chair: Bryant Howe, Utah; Chair, RACSS
Vice Chair: Russell Humphrey, Tennessee; President, ASLCS
Susan Furlong, Nevada; President-Elect, ASLCS
Aurora Hauke, Alaska; Chair, LSS
Naomi Miller, Texas; First Vice Chair, LSS
Wendy Jackson, Wisconsin; Vice Chair, LSSS
Cory Stewart, Louisiana; Chair, LINCS
Dennis Yoder, Texas; Vice Chair, LINCS
Sonia Gavin, Montana; Chair, LRL
Jennifer Bernier, Connecticut; Vice Chair, LRL
Alan Calandro, Connecticut; President, NALFO
David Teal, Alaska; President-Elect, NALFO
Joel Redding, Kentucky; Chair, NALIT
Terri Clark, Kansas; Vice Chair, NALIT
Wayne Kidd, Utah; Chair, NLPES
Nathalie Molliet-Ribet, Virginia; Vice Chair, NLPES
Charles (Chuck) Douglas Williams, Jr., South Carolina; President, NLSSA
Kevin Kuroda, Hawaii; Vice President, NLSSA
Charlotte Carter-Yamauchi, Hawaii; Vice Chair, RACSS

NCSL Staff: Laura Rose

Staff Chair’s Goals/Responsibilities, 2014-2015

  1. Develop an orientation program for new staff section officers.
  2. Use local and regional presenters at staff section professional development seminars.
  3. Develop strategies to recruit staff section officers.
  4. Review results of the staff section officer survey for possible topics.

LSCC Bylaws’ Goals/Responsibilities
The Staff Section Officers Work Group may:

  1. promote and assist in producing annual professional development seminars for staff sections, including assistance in program planning and coordination;
  2. consider options other than seminars for offering professional development opportunities, including the use of e-learning grant funds, and provide oversight of any group efforts;
  3. exchange ideas and share information with staff sections, especially information about what has worked best for each staff section;
  4. develop strategies to support the operation of each staff section and communicate those strategies to the LSCC as necessary; and
  5. promote staff section outreach and encourage involvement in staff section activities.

Standing Committees Work Group

Susan Byorth Fox, Montana
Co-Chair: Ken Levine, Texas
Vice Chair: Sarah Freeman, Indiana
Vice Chair: Carol Shaw, North Carolina
Vice Chair: John Snyder, Kentucky
Vice Chair: Gwennetta Tatum, Mississippi

NCSL Staff: Neal Osten, Molly Ramsdell, Corina Eckl

Staff Chair’s Goals/Responsibilities, 2014-2015

  1. Explore ways to recruit legislative staff by subject area to standing committee membership.
  2. Develop an orientation program for new standing committee officers.
  3. Where necessary, increase opportunities for standing committee staff officers to participate in committee activities and programs, including consideration of activities geared toward legislative staff committee members, especially during the period between standing committee meetings.
  4. Develop networking opportunities for legislative staff standing committee officers during the Forum and Legislative Summit.
  5. Review results of the standing committee staff officers’ survey for possible topics.

LSCC Bylaws’ Goals/Responsibilities
The Standing Committees Work Group may:

  1. review, promote and monitor legislative staff participation in the NCSL standing committees;
  2. monitor NCSL standing committee meetings;
  3. evaluate staff officer involvement and inclusion in NCSL standing committee activities, such as the setting of the committee agenda and participation in committee sessions; and
  4. develop outreach proposals to encourage staff to serve on NCSL standing committees.

Strategic Planning Work Group

Chair:  Karl Aro, Maryland
Rich Beckwith, Missouri
Raul Burciaga, New Mexico
Melissa Calderwood-Renick, Kansas
Martha Carter, Nebraska
Lore Christopher, Oregon
Jon Heining, Texas
Debra Levine, New York
Julie Pelegrin, Colorado
Walker Reagan, North Carolina
Jim Smith, North Dakota
Chuck Truesdell, Kentucky
Tom Wright, Alaska

NCSL Staff: Larry Morandi

LSCC Bylaws’ Goals/Responsibilities
The Strategic Planning Work Group may:

  1. develop a strategic plan that establishes goals and priorities which are consistent with the purposes of the LSCC and which are to be accomplished in the following year;
  2. propose initiatives and programs suitable for accomplishing the goals and priorities; and
  3. suggest strategies for implementing the initiatives and programs.


For information about the work groups, contact Larry Morandi. Submit updates to this file to Joyce Johnson.

Updates as of 3/23/15
posted 9/17/14

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