LSCC Discussion Group Listserv

LSCC Discussion Group (Listserv)

Joyce Johnson 1/6/2014

Email Discussion Groups (Listservs)

Conference Year 2013-2014

A discussion group (listserv) has been created on NCSLnet for all members of the full NCSL Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee and the Subcommittees. The listserv for the full LSCC includes key NCSL staff, including division directors and staff section contacts. The listservs for the subcommittees include members of the subcommittee, assigned NCSL staff and the listserv manager. We encourage everyone to use these discussion groups to share information about the activities of the LSCC and any other pertinent issues.

You do not need to subscribe. This discussion list is restricted to just the addresses entered by the listserv manager at NCSL. Any e-mail message addressed to the list is automatically sent to all the subscribers on that list.

To be taken off this list or report changes to your current e-mail address, send an e-mail to


Important Information (Using the Listserv)


Listserv email addresses:

LSCC Subcommittees and Work Groups Listservs


Information Technology Issues Subcommittee

Legislative Institution Subcommittee

Programs, Professional Development and Outreach Subcommittee


Staff Sections Officers Work Group

Standing Committees Work Group

Strategic Planning Work Group

Important User Information

Posting messages to mailing lists

Only members of the group can post to these restricted lists. For example, if you are not a member of, or not listed on the named subcommittee or group, you will not be able to post a message. You also cannot send a message if your email address is not correct in the listserv.

Posting a message -- If you do not want responses to your message to go to the entire list of members, please include your personal email address in your message with a note requesting that responses be sent directly to you.

Responding to messages -- If you click on "Reply" or "Reply to Sender," your response will go to all members on the list.

To respond only to the author of the message you must enter the personal email address of the author in the TO: field.

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