Webinar Archive: Need a Well-Structured Sentence?

Need a Well-Structured Sentence? Use an Old Tool for a Modern Job


Legislative attorneys and editors must prepare legislation that is clear, concise, and accurate. The job is language-intensive, and the lost art of sentence diagramming may help you do it better. In this one-hour webinar, Wendy Jackson and Cathlene Hanaman will show you the basics of diagramming sentences, beginning with one subject and one verb and ending with complex examples. You will learn (or re-learn!):

  • How to use sentence diagramming as an analytical tool.
  • How to diagram parts of speech, phrases, and clauses.
  • How a sentence diagram can vividly illustrate the relationship between words, phrases, and clauses in a sentence.
  • That sentence diagramming is an effective, enjoyable way to refresh your knowledge of grammar.

Why should your left brain have all the fun? Sentence diagramming can help get your right brain in on the action too!

Your office may wish to use this webinar as part of in-house training for legislative staff. For example, several people in the same office could participate together by viewing one computer (projected on a screen) and listening to a speakerphone set up in a conference room.

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Diagram of first sentence of the Constitution


  • Wendy Jackson, legislative editor, Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau
  • Cathlene Hanaman, legislative attorney, Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau

The Legal Services Staff Section (LSSS) would like to thank the NCSL Foundation for State Legislatures for providing an e-learning grant to produce this webinar.

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