LSSS Officers and Committees

LSSS Officers and Committees

lsss logoOfficers

Jon HeiningChair
General Counsel
Legislative Council
Texas Legislature

Scott HarrisonVice-Chair
Assistant Revisor of Statutes
Nebraska Legislature

Margaret PietyImmediate Past Chair (2012-13)
Staff Attorney
Legislative Services Agency
Indiana General Assembly


LSSS Directors

Wendy Jackson
Senior Legislative Editor
Legislative Reference Bureau
Wisconsin Legislature

Raúl E. Burciaga
Legislative Council Service
New Mexico Legislature

Julie Pelegrin
Assistant Director
Colorado Legislature

Othni Lathram
Alabama Law Institute
Alabama Legislature

Edith Pollitz
Senior Attorney
Florida Legislature

Thomas R. Vaughn
Associate General Counsel
Office of Legislative Research & General Counsel
Utah Legislature

Jery Payne - Newsletter Editor
Staff Attorney
Office of Legislative Legal Services
Colorado Legislature


Program Planning Committee

The committee identifies session content and activities for LSSS sessions at the NCSL Legislative Summit, the fall Professional Development Seminar, and webinars. This committee also locates speakers, and conducts other tasks that contribute to the success of Legal Services Staff Section meetings and webinars. Committee members' term of office: August 2013-August 2014 Chair:
Wendy Jackson, WI -
Raúl E. Burciaga, NM -

Robert Rothberg, NJ
Debbie Haskins, CO
Anne O'Brien, OR
Michael Chernick, VT
Doug Himes, TN
Katherine McBride, KS
Tami Dodge, WI
Thomas Vaughn, UT
Karen Lenertz, MN
Anita Thomas, ND
John Fellows, UT
Angela Alexander, TX

Outreach Committee

Committee activities primarily include the continuation of outreach efforts to legal services staff in all state legislatures. Efforts are made to encourage inactive legal services staff to become involved in LSSS by sending letters and e-mails and making personal phone calls to staff in states where staff have not been active in LSSS.  Committee members' term of office: August 2013-August 2014 Chair:
Julie Pelegrin, CO -

Nancy Cyr, NE
Anne Sappenfield, WI
Edith Pollitz, FL
Matthew Coke, HI
Josh Nacey, KY
Keisha Patent, NE
Amanda Reiss, SD

Nominations Committee

The LSSS Nominations Committee consists of the immediate past section chair, who shall serve as chair of the nominating committee, the vice-chair, one director and two other members.  The Committee selects a slate of nominees and that slate is submitted by the Chair of the Nominating Committee for a vote of the general members of the Association at the NCSL Legislative Summit. Nominees are elected by a simple majority of the general members of the Association present and voting.  Committee members' term of office: August 2013-August 2014
Peggy Piety, IN -

Scott Harrison, NE


Awards Committee

The annual Legislative Staff Achievement Award was created by the Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee to recognize excellence in supporting the work of a state legislature and strengthening the legislative institution. Each staff section associated with NCSL may name up to two recipients–individuals, teams or legislative offices–for recognition each year.  The LSSS Awards Committee solicits nominations and recommends award recipients for the 2014 LSSS Legislative Staff Achievement Award, based on criteria outlined on the LSSS website. Committee members' term of office: August 2013-August 2014

Scott Harrison, NE -


Long-Term Planning Committee

Committee activities include designing a survey of LSSS members, evaluating the information gathered from the survey and recommending way that LSSS can use that information to best serve the needs of legal services staff in the legislatures. The committee will also develop additional methods and activities to enhance the value of the survey information. Committee members' term of office: August 2013-August 2014 Chair:
Scott Harrison, NE -

Raúl E. Burciaga, NM
Sheila Mohan, CA
Othni Lathram, AL
Wendy Jackson, WI
Jamie Clariday, TN

Newsletter Committee 

The newsletter committee recommends topics for articles and assists the newsletter editor in finding state contacts to write the State News section. Committee members' term of office: August 2013-August 2014 Chair:
Jery Payne, CO -
Scott Harrison, NE
Edith Pollitz, FL
Katherine McBride, KS
Othni Lathram, AL
Michael Gallagher, WI
Cathlene Hanaman, WI
Anne Peters, TX


The website review task force evaluates the LSSS web page and other NCSL web pages of interest to legal staff in legislatures. Committee members' term of office: August 2013-August 2014

Anne Sappenfield, WI -

Lisa Wallmeyer, VA
Jamie Clariday, TN
Richard Sweetman, CO
Jack Ewing, IA
Joanne Pepperl, NE 
Vince Henderson, AR 

Eunice C. Peters, KS

Task Force on Confidentiality and Attorney-Client Privilege Related to Legislative Records and Other Information

This task force will survey the states regarding laws that affect confidentiality and attorney-client privilege related to legislative records. Chair:
John Bjornson, ND -

Sharon Eubanks, CO
Othni Lathram, AL
Tamara Dodge, WI
Krissie Farmer, TX

Join a Committee

LSSS welcomes your participation. Please send an email to: if you are interested in serving on a committee.

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