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August 2013

News from the LSS Chair
2012 Achievement Awards
Denver Preview
Executive Committee
Executive Committee Invitation
2012 PDS Highlights
NCSL Overview



Edition  Contents
May 2012

Join Us in Madison
Legislative Staff Achievement Award
Mark Your Calendar - 2012 Legislative Summit
News from the LSS Staff Chair
From the Program Development Committee
Preliminary Madison Agenda

Meet Your LSS Executive Committee
LSS Executive Committee
Review of Richmond
Award Nominations
Call for Newsletter Contributions
May 2011

A Review of Raleigh
Webinar Report - Effective Legislative Presentations
Nominations Open for the 2011 LSAA
LSS Chair's Comments
Meet Your 2010-2011 Executive Committee - Biographies

Richmond Preview
List of the 2010-2011 Executive Committee
2010 LSAA Recipient
July 2010 Meet Us in Raleigh
Erskine Bowles Biography
Writing for the Legislative Audience
LSS Chair's Comments
Mark Your Calendar
LSS Through the Years

What Can NCSL Do For You?
LSS Executive Committees: A Retrospective
2010 NCSL Legislative Summit Preview
Message from the LSS Nominations Committee
2009-2010 LSS Executive Committee

February 2010

A Dome with a View
LSS Chair's Comments
Louisiana's First Electronic Voting Machine
Texas Capitol - Speaker's Residence
What I Wish I Knew Early on in My Job
Zen and the Art of PowerPoint
E-Learning on NCSL's Website

LSS E-Learning Task Force Report
Past Sites of the LSS PDS
Finding and Developing Our Own Leadership Strength
LSS Achievement Awards
Enabling Smarter Government
2010 LSS Executive Committee

July 2009

Goodbye Brian, Hello Natalie
LSS Chair's Comments
Howdy Pardner's - Austin Preview
Preliminary Austin Agenda
Philadelphia Agenda
Are You Prepared for a Disaster?

Identity Theft
Tom and Sue's Backyard Volcano
The Last Frontiersman
A Boost for Civic Education
Annual Legislative Staff Achievement Awards
Message from the LSS Nominations Committee
2008-2009 LSS Executive Committee

January 2009

Keeping Your Cool While Dealing with the
LSS Chair's Comments
Transitions - Embracing Change Summary
National News from LSCC
Annual Legislative Staff Achievement


Self-Preservation in the Legislative
Professional Development Praised by
   Legislative Leaders
Where Do You Draw The Line?
2009 Philadelphia Legislative Summit

June 2008

LSS Chair's Comments
NCSL Legislative Summit
Heart Attack/Stroke Warning Signs
Energy Independence
Education Vouchers

Contracting Services: Insuring Competition
African-American LSCC
LSS Committee Nominations
LSS Executive Committee
More on Indianapolis

December 2007

LSS Chair's Comments
LSS 2008 Indianapolis, IN Meeting
LSS Professional Development Seminar - Alaska
The Influence Edge Summary

LSS Executive Committee
Leadership Lessons in History
Annual Legislative Staff Achievement Awards
June 2007

LSS Chair's Comments
LSS 2006 Santa Fe, NM Meeting
LSS Professional Development Seminar -  Alaska
Managing Impressions

LSS Executive Committee
Leadership Lessons in History
Annual Legislative Staff Achievement Awards

July 2006

NCSL Annual Meeting
LSS Chair's Comments
Leadership Staff Section--Annual Meeting
Welcome to the Land of Enchantment
Leadership Skills Development--
     Pre-conference Event

2005-2006 LSS Executive Committee
Leadership Lessons in History
Staying Positive in a Negative World
The Professional Journal of ASLCS--Check It Out!

January 2006

LSS and LINCS Hold Joint Seminar
Experiencing An Education Opportunity
Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2006
2005-2006 LSS Executive Committee

LSS Chair's Comments Leadership Lessons in History
LSS:  Learning--Socializing--Serving
Annual Legislative Staff Achievement Awards

Summer 2005

Two Staff Sections…Twice the Learning…
   Double the Fun
Grace Under Fire

We’re Looking for A Few Good Folks
Do You Use Policy Research?
In Memory…Tom Tedcastle

Spring 2004

Welcome to Harrisburg
Briefly Speaking
LSS at the NCSL Annual Meeting
Annual Legislative Staff Achievement Awards

LSS Executive Committee
Public Access in the Florida House
LSS Annual Training Seminar
2003-04 LSS Executive Committee
Legislative Coalitions

Fall 2003

From the Eyes of a “First-time Attendee”
Briefly Speaking
Did you know our staff section has a  website?
2003-04 LSS Executive Committee
Four Days in Chad
Mark Your Calendars
In Memory

Who Traveled the Farthest?
West Virginia 2003…In Pictures
From the LSCC
2003-04 Committee Assignments
2004 Legislative Session Calendar
Newsletter Staff
Partisan Composition of U.S. Legislatures
Win Some, Lose Some: The 2003 Elections

Spring 2003

WV2003…Mountains of Learning…Valleys of  Aventure
Briefly Speaking
Mark Your Calendars
From the Editor

Annual Legislative Staff Achievement Awards
From the LSCC
Letter from Kentucky House Minority Caucus    Chairman
2002-03 LSS Executive Committee

Fall 2002

Term Limits in Idaho
Briefly Speaking
2003 Legislative Session Calendar
From the Editor
LSS E-Mail Discussion Group

A Day at the Capitol in Augusta, ME 2002
Annual Training Seminar
2003 LSS Annual Training Seminar
2002-03 LSS Executive Committee
Goal Setting

Spring 2002

The History of LSS
Briefly Speaking
Executive Fund Update
NCSL Annual Meeting
From the Editor
Annual Legislative Staff Achievement  Awards

LSS Nominating Committee
The Insanity of Adulthood
Service on the LSS Executive Committee
Did You Know?
2001-02 LSS Executive Committee
2002 LSS Training Seminar


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