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The National Association of Legislative Information Technology (NALIT) listserv is an e-mail forum and information exchange for legislative information technology staff to discuss issues related to the use of technology and computers in legislatures. NALIT listserv subscribers post messages to the list that are then sent out to all other subscribers to create an electronic discussion group. NCSL staff use the NALIT listserv to distribute the NALIT Newsletter and to post meeting announcements, agendas and other association information.
Discussions on the NALIT listserv have focused on bill drafting systems, networking issues, websites, cloud computing, e-mail policies, and many other issues. Some subscribers have posted survey questions on the listserv.

To Subscribe

To subscribe to the NALIT Listserv, send an e-mail message to requesting a subscription to NALIT-L and provide your title, office/agency name, mailing address, and telephone.

You will receive an e-mail message confirming your subscription and describing how to post messages and unsubscribe (e.g., subscribers should unsubscribe if using an e-mail autoresponder while on vacation.)

Posting Messages

The address for the NALIT listserv changed as of Jan. 10, 2014 to NALIT-L@LISTS.NCSL.ORG. To post a message to the NALIT Listserv after you have subscribed, send an e-mail message to NALIT-L@LISTS.NCSL.ORG with your questions or comments about legislative information technology.  Include a brief but descriptive summary of your message in the subject line.  Please include your name and contact information at the bottom of every message so others can contact you individually if they choose. Your message will be sent to all subscribers on the list.

Remember that replies to messages posted on the NALIT listserv will also be sent to all other subscribers. To reply privately to the person who posted a message, send a new message to the sender's e-mail address rather than replying to the listserv message.

To Unsubscribe

To be taken off the NALIT listserv, send an email message to and in the body of the message type: unsubscribe.

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