NALIT Committees

National Association OF Legislative Information Technology (NALIT) Committees

2014-2015 Committees

2015 Professional Development Seminar Planning Committee

The committee plans session content and activities, identifies speakers,
and conducts other tasks that contribute to the success of the Professional Development Seminar.
Committee members serve a one year term of office.


  • Joel Redding, Kentucky

Host State Co-Chairs:

  • Mendora Servin, California 
  • Ellen Donati, California


  • Troy Adkins, House, Virginia
  • Wallace Austin, North Carolina
  • Terri Clark, Kansas
  • Vinay Dattu, Tennessee
  • Kyle Forster, North Dakota
  • Manish Jani, Colorado
  • Kurt McDowell, Ohio
  • Cindy O’Dell, Kentucky
  • Gary Schaefer, Louisiana
  • Linda Wettstone, Senate, Virginia

Legislative Staff Achievement Award Committee

The annual Legislative Staff Achievement Award was created by the Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee to recognize excellence in supporting the work of a state legislature and strengthening the legislative institution. Each staff section associated with NCSL may name up to two recipients–individuals, teams or legislative offices–for recognition each year. The NALIT Staff Achievement Award Committee solicits nominations and recommends award recipients for the NALIT Legislative Staff Achievement Award, based on criteria outlined on the NALIT website.
Committee members serve a one year term of office.


  • Vinay Dattu, Tennessee


  • Tim Rice, Illinois
  • Shannon Young, California

Nominating Committee

The NALIT Nominating Committee is responsible for compiling a slate of nominees for the offices of Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary. This slate is submitted by the Chair of the Nominating Committee for a vote of the general members of the Association at the NCSL Legislative Summit. Nominees are elected by a simple majority of the general members of the Association present and voting.
Committee members serve a one year term of office.


  • Troy Adkins, House, Virginia


  • Kelly Stallings, North Carolina
  • Sheila Harvey, West Virginia

2015 Online Democracy Award Committee

The Online Democracy Award is sponsored by NCSL’s Legislative Information and Communication Staff Section (LINCS) and the National Association of Legislative Information Technology (NALIT). Each year, the Selection Committee, made up of past winners, considers nominations from official legislative web sites developed and maintained by or under the authority of (a) a state legislature, (b) a legislative chamber, or (c) an officially-recognized legislative partisan caucus. 
Committee members serve a two year term of office.

 NALIT Members: 

  • Michael Hurley, Massachusetts Senate (Term of office: Contest years 2014 & 2015)
  • Doug Farr, Utah  (Term of office: Contest years 2015 & 2016)


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