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Word cloud for LHSN The Legislative Health Staff Network (LHSN) is a coordinated network of professional and knowledgeable legislative staff from across the country who, as a major part of their responsibilities, work on health policy, including finance and budget policy.

The objective of the health staff network is to expand the knowledge base of legislative staff by supporting the sharing of information with each other. LHSN helps legislative health policy staff do their jobs more effectively by creating a network of colleagues and other experts in the field, providing information tailored to their needs, and fostering cooperative efforts to guide health policy.




In this video, Art Hamilton, former member of the Arizona House of Representatives and NCSL President and CEO of a successful public affairs firm, talks about the critical contributions legislative staff made to him in advancing his career, and to the legislature as an institution in sustaining its values. Hear his perspective on those qualities that staff may forget about during tough legislative sessions that make the whole thing possible.




Tom Wright, Staff ChairNCSL's 2014 Legislative Staff Nominating Committee is seeking legislative staff to serve on the NCSL Executive Committee for Conference Year 2014-2015. See July deadline dates for letters of declaration




The Legislative Health Staff Network Steering Committee is comprised of the NCSL Health Committee's staff co-chairs, vice-chairs and immediate past co-chairs.

Find a list of LHSN members in NCSL’s Legislative Staff Directory database by selecting “Legislative Health Staff Network”


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