LESN Listserv Information

LESN Listserv Information


The Legislative Education Staff Network (LESN) listserv is a vehicle for legislative education staff nationwide to discuss current education issues and for NCSL and ECS to disseminate relevant information regarding timely and important topics in education. In addition, it serves as a tool to inform network members about upcoming events and meetings. The list is a free and private listserv to be used only by legislative education staff, NCSL and ECS.

Listserv Address:

Archived Listserv Responses

 LESN will archive listserv postings. Click here to reivew questions and compiled answers by topic and date.

General Policies and Procedures

The following are some general guidelines that we ask all users of the LESN listserv to abide by when posting messages to the list. These guidelines are in place to preserve ease of use and readability for all members of the list. When posting messages to the listserv, please:

  • Include your name, title and email address in all listserv posts.
  • Refrain from using varied and colored fonts, backgrounds, etc.
  • Keep posts as brief and concise as possible.
  • Use a descriptive subject line.
  • Feel free to respectfully correct errors and mistakes and don’t hesitate to respectfully disagree when an issue comes up that allows for opinions. Never ridicule or demean others.
  • Limit posts to education issues. More specifically, pre-k through postsecondary education issues that come up in the state legislative arena. Note for example that questions, responses, or discussion about home, private, and religious schools and colleges are fine if there is an underlying legislative purpose.
  • Limit posts to the entire list to those issues which serve a general purpose. For example, emails with non-informative information directed at a single person, such as "thank you," “I apologize,” "I agree," or "me, too," should probably be sent privately off-list unless you are very sure that it is appropriate.

Thank you for choosing to join the LESN listserv. Should you have complaints or suggestions regarding the listserv, please send them to who may choose to solicit a response from the LESN Steering Committee.

LESN reserves the right to refuse to post anyone’s post or response without a publicly stated reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the LESN listserv?

A: The listserv is a marvelous communication tool that gives LESN members the opportunity to post questions and provide answers or suggestions. The listserv is essentially a collaborative email list.

Q: What is LESN?

A: The Legislative Education Staff Network (LESN) is a network of legislative staff from across the nation who are involved in education issues in their respective states. LESN is a product of joint activities between the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) and the Education Commission of the States (ECS).

Q: Who can participate on the listserv?

A: Legislative staff who specialize in Education issues. Participants include both partisan and non-partisan researchers, policy analysts, legal drafters, fiscal analysts, issue advocates, performance analysts, and NCSL and ECS staff.

Q: Why should I sign up for the LESN listserv?

A: It is a great way to keep an ear out for what education issues are on the “radar screens” of various state legislatures. NCSL also maintains an Education Bill Tracking Database.

It is a great link to research, data, and people who work every day with education issues. For example:
It is an opportunity for you to be helpful to staffers in other states by sharing what you know about your state.

Q: Does the listserv add to my workload?

A: It generates email that must be managed. Deleting email is easy. Beyond your initial decision to delete or respond, the priority/actions decisions belongs to each user.

You are regularly reminded that there are always new things to learn related to education.
Opportunities tend to arise to involve yourself in areas of your specific interest.
Everyone reads/processes at different rates. Those who tend to process a lot of information quickly and generally work faster may find the listserv to be more helpful than those with a more methodical style.

Q: How can I use the listserv most effectively if I have a question?

A: Take a few minutes to think carefully when crafting a question for the listserv. Responses will be most helpful and more members are likely to respond if the question is direct, specific, and concise. A well-framed query is a nice way of showing appreciation for the willingness of colleagues to support one another.

Q: Are there any restrictions on my questions or responses?

A: Just the typical, common-sense guidelines: Avoid promotion or solicitations, watch for conflict of interest, and beware of using too many words. In general, try to use the listserv efficiently and consider its purpose. If you have any questions about what is appropriate, please contact or 

Q: Why I reply to a listserv response, is my response going to the individual who posted the inquiry or everyone on the listserv?

A: When you reply to a colleague's inquiry, you are only replying to the individual who posted an inquiry, not the entire listserv.

Q: How do I subscribe to the LESN listerv?

A: To subscribe to this list or report changes to your E-mail address, please send an E-mail to Dustin Weeden, and include your name, official title, address, phone number and fax number in the text of the E-mail message. To unsubscribe to this list, please send an E-mail to Dustin Weeden.

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