ASLCS Meetings Overview and Information

ASLCS Meetings Overview


ASLCS Meetings

ASLCS conducts several meetings throughout each year. The following describes each meeting and discusses what types of information is presented.

Spring Meeting
The spring meeting is a working meeting for the Society's standing committees and Executive Committee. The committees work on their projects and programs for the year. This meeting is held over a weekend in March or April. The location of the meeting is chosen by the ASLCS president.

Summer Meeting
The Society's summer meeting is held in association with the NCSL's Legislative Summit. This meeting presents an opportunity for ASLCS to interact with other NCSL committees and staff sections. It is a four-day meeting, in late July or early August.

Fall Professional Development Seminar
Each fall, ASLCS holds its Professional Development Seminar and Annual Meeting. It consists of five days of intensive training and information exchange, designed specifically for legislative clerks and secretaries and their office staff. This meeting usually is held in September or October. The location of the meeting is determined by the ASLCS Site Selection Committee.

Winter Meeting
The winter meeting is a working meeting for the Society's standing committees and Executive Committee. It usually occurs over a weekend in December or early January. The location of the meeting is chosen by the ASLCS President. That last Winter meeting to be held was December 2003.

Joint Canadian-American Clerk's Conference
The Joint Canadian-American Clerks' Conference is held biennially in odd-numbered years. It is hosted alternately between Canada and the United States. Unlike other Society meetings, participation in this conference is limited to principal clerks and secretaries or to the principal assistant if the clerk or secretary is unable to attend. The meeting typically occurs in August or September. The location is determined by joint recommendation of the ASLCS Canadian/American Relations Committee and the Canadian Association of Clerks-at-the-Table. 


ASLCS Spring Business Meeting
Nashville, Tennessee
May 2-4, 2014

NCSL Legislative Summit 
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Aug. 19-22, 2014          

ASLCS Professional Development Seminar
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Oct. 6-10, 2014

Scheduling Notes: 2014 Nominating Committee and 2013-2014 Executive Committee will meet on Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014. 2020 Mason's Manual Commission will meet the afternoon of Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2014.


ASLCS Spring Business Meeting
Santa Fe, New Mexico
April 19-21, 2013

NCSL Legislative Summit 
Atlanta, Georgia
Aug. 12-15, 2013           

ASLCS Professional Development Seminar
70th Anniversary Celebration
Sacramento, California
Oct. 9-13, 2013

Joint Canadian-American Clerk's Conference
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Aug. 4-8, 2013


ASLCS Spring Business Meeting 
Phoenix, Arizona
April 20-22, 2012

NCSL Legislative Summit
Chicago, Illinois
Aug. 5-9, 2012

ASLCS Professional Development Seminar
Richmond, Virginia
Oct. 2-7, 2012

For more information about ASLCS, contact Jeanne Mejeur, NCSL Staff Liaison.


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