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News signStates with medical marijuana laws. “Each state is unique in how it handles its program, based on the need.”
—Karmen Hanson, NCSL marijuana policy analyst, on how states determine the number of dispensaries to permit, at

USA Today: “If you have a wage that’s so low that all members of the public can’t run for the state legislature and serve, then I think you have a problem.”
—Morgan Cullen, NCSL legislative management analyst. “The country is increasingly urbanizing, and habitat that used to be open fields is now contiguous to development.”
—Douglas Shinkle, NCSL environment policy analyst, about bills in some states to protect hunters’ rights. 

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “The trough of the Great Recession was so deep that the climb out of it has been very difficult and gradual.”
—Todd Haggerty, former NCSL policy analyst, about states still struggling with deficits. “When a change in the size of a legislature is considered, debate typically centers around three major themes: representation, efficiency and cost.”
—Brenda Erickson, NCSL senior research analyst, on a proposal to shrink Pennsylvania state government.


No. 1

Minneapolis’ ranking among U.S. cities in 2013 for cleanliness, fitness, health and parks. It’s the place to be Aug. 19-22 for the 40th annual Legislative Summit.


Critical steps a legislator must take in building a top-notch online profile, among the leadership skills offered at four professional track sessions at the Summit: Managing Your Online Image, Becoming a Transformational Legislative Leader, Winston Churchill’s Language of Leadership, and Managing Legislative Staff: Best Practices

200 Million

YouTube views of TED talks given by Sir Ken Robinson, an international leader in education, creativity and innovation who you’ll get to hear at the Summit in Minneapolis.



Subject areas—from absentee voting to youth voters—that you will find in NCSL’s new Elections Administration Research Database of nearly 2,000 reports. Go to and type “elections administration database” in the search window..


Webinar logo2 p.m. ET

The time on Sept. 25 you can log on to NCSL’s free webinar for new bill drafters, “What Does That Mean? Crafting and Using Definitions in Statutes.”  Register now



2 minutes

Time it takes to watch NCSL’s weekly e-video about what’s new on Capitol Hill. Recent #cap2cap highlights: Status of the Highway Trust Fund, Chemicals in Commerce Act, Sports Blackout Rule and Workforce Investment Act.



States with laws requiring voters to show identification at the polls, as of May. 

Other recent tweets include:

  • Does your state require carbon monoxide detectors in certain residential buildings?
  • Did you know at least 18 states allow in-state tuition rates for undocumented students? 
  • Free #NCSL webinar discusses issue of leaking natural gas pipelines and their impacts.

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