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Quotes From Around the Statehouses


“It is tougher to slip into political rancor when you think of your political opponent as a person, not a caricature conjured by social media trolls and partisanship.”

—Senator Toi Hutchinson (D), former president of NCSL, at the Forum on the Future of Representative Democracy in July, in the Virginia Gazette News.

North Dakota

“And if someone thinks [what you post or tweet] is not proper … who cares? Who cares? We’re citizen legislators. We’re not pretend people.”

—Representative Rick Becker (R) on the use of social media, in the Bismarck Tribune.


“Saying no is not the answer.”

—Representative Kenneth Wilson (R) on his support for a measure that shifts the state’s criminal justice culture from tough on crime to smart on crime, on KCUR Radio.

New Jersey

“You just provided the headline for today’s meeting. Thank you for blowing up the hearing.”

—Senator Bob Smith (D) to NCSL Policy Specialist Jackson Brainerd, after Brainerd said there is no evidence that the number of economic development tax incentives offered bears any relation to the broader performance of a state’s economy, from the Associated Press.

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