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NCSL Is a Legislator’s Greatest Ally

There’s a saying, “If you’ve seen one legislature, you’ve seen one legislature.” They’re all very much alike, and yet they’re all very much distinct. Just think: Each state has different processes, bills, schedules and more. But no matter where you go, people in these institutions are all getting together and tangling to solve problems.

Over the past 30 years I’ve spent at NCSL—from my first days as an eager intern to my recent appointment as executive director—I’ve fallen in love with the work this organization does to strengthen our nation’s legislatures.

I believe in the work we do, the talented group of people who work here and the importance of our culture of collaboration and innovation over partisanship and divide.

Washington continues to be incapable of coming together to solve issues, but, as nearly any state lawmaker will tell you, the vast majority of legislative votes are bipartisan. And I can’t wait to build on our mission to be your greatest ally in working together to strengthen the legislative branch of state government. 

One great place to start: State Legislatures magazine. This issue has a little something for everyone—from our cover story on world-class education systems to school finance conundrums and tax incentive debates. These topics and the bipartisan policymaking that surrounds them are vital to NCSL and our ability to, you guessed it, come together, tangle and solve problems that matter to us all. Enjoy.

—Tim Storey

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