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State Legislatures Magazine

imgPeak of Partisanship
Peak of Partisanship
In legislatures across the nation, a growing ideological divide is getting harder to bridge.
imgCapitol Gains
Capitol Gains
Capitol renovation projects are bringing these beloved symbols of democracy back to life.
imgThe Politics of Pay
The Politics of Pay
It’s clear that legislator compensation commissions help take the politics out of pay raises.
imgThe 'NICE' Legislature
The 'NICE' Legislature
Here’s a different take on how state legislatures should be compared, rated and ranked.
imgNo Surprises
No Surprises
For chiefs of staff, job No. 1 is keeping their bosses plugged in and perpetually prepared.
imgMission Accomplished
Mission Accomplished
Norman Rockwell’s model for a boy astronaut—now a state legislator—tracks down the illustration’s final destination.
imgStaying Power
Staying Power
They began their legislative careers in 1975—young, eager and committed; and their wisdom continues to guide them today.
imgThe Power of Pride
The Power of Pride
Being a gay or lesbian state lawmaker is now so common it’s no longer an issue.
imgWhat's All the Hype About Hemp?
What's All the Hype About Hemp?
Hemp advocates are working hard to cultivate this growing industry.
img40 Years Strong
40 Years Strong
1975: What a year!
imgVoting: What's Next
Voting: What's Next
States and counties are leading the way in the never–ending quest to modernize how we vote.
imgCount the Cost
Count the Cost
Understanding the potential costs and consequences of a bill is a crucial step in the legislative process and a help to avoid any unintended effects.


July-August 2014 State Legislatures CoverPartisanship in legislatures, renovating capitols, pay for lawmakers, the challenging job of chief of staff, the costs of legislation and much more are explored this month. 


NCSL's award-winning State Legislatures brings you ideas and innovations on the top issues facing states. It's a must-read for unbiased news and analyses of the latest trends in state policy. Subscribe today--you won't find a better read anywhere. 








Stats graphicDiscover how one good graphic can convey the same information as hundreds of words, With StateStats you gain knowleldge of an important public policy issue each month through maps, charts and graphs. This month, learn about the mix of taxes states rely on to fund operations. 






Learn more about some of the hottest topics state legislatures are having to dealing with. Find out where legislation is being introduced and where it's passed. This month's issue looks at r a court decision on prayer at public meetings, efforts to save Detroit, solar panels on homes, the sharing economy and minimum wage. 





Donkey and Elephant graphicKeep track of what's in and what's out, who's up and who's down, where's left and where's right, under the domes in legislatures across the country.






Enjoy these short news tidbits from around the country that will have you asking: Who thought that was a good idea? to Why don't we do that in my state? In each issue, you'll find 10 of the most interesting, illuminating, unusual and sometimes silly news items we've discovered from the states. This month covers topics from jumping jacks to policing bling in the Nebraska Capitol, heroin in New York to cash real estate deals in Florida. 






State Legislatures is the national magazine of state policy and politics. It informs legislators, staff, professors, lobbyists and the public about innovations, trends and actions in the 50 states and six territories. It covers a wide spectrum of public policy in a well-respected, comprehensive, unbiased manner. On its pages you can read about new legislation, effective programs and federal initiatives that affect the states. You’ll gain insight into what makes leaders tick and what drives the legislative institution. And, it not only provides professional development tips and social media opportunities, but also grist for the water cooler.

Published since 1975, it’s currently issued 10 times a year—in print, mobile and online versions. The magazine celebrates its 40th year in 2014. Celebrate with us. Open its pages, download it onto your tablet, or log on to link to more information.

Dog-ear its pages, tear out ideas, share it with colleagues. But mostly, read it, learn from it and enjoy.

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