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Advertising Overview

State Legislatures offers discriminating readers a consistent level of editorial excellence. Our stories tackle the toughest legislative topics and make sense of complicated public policy issues—without taking days to read. Our writers are some of the best in the business, our researchers are knowledged experts in their fields and our editors are topnotch. What is a good measure that a magazine is among the best? It's quoted by other outstanding publications and ours is quoted by The New York Times, Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal. And it's used in college, graduate and law classrooms, including Harvard University, The College of William and Mary and U.C.L.A. as well as by state legislators, members of Congress and their staffs. Our respected magazine is even used by the U.S. State Department in its briefings.

Our Mission

State Legislatures is the national magazine of policy and politics. It informs legislators, legislative staff, county government executives, lobbyists and the interested public about state actions and innovations in public policy issues. It reports on trends and legislation in the 50 states, best practices, the legislative process and institution, leaders, and federal initiatives that affect the states in a series of short features within a national context.

Through its departments it provides short profiles on individual legislators; reports on trends in tables, charts and graphs; provides short articles on state innovations; relates life and professional transitions of legislators and staff. It also provides one paragraph discussions on state happenings around the country, and presents “how to” articles and product reviews. It is issued 10 times a year and is mailed to all state legislators, key legislative staff, members of Congress, governors, county government executives, lobbyists, political scientists, librarians, universities and the interested public.

 Editorial Features
  • Statestats: A look at a hot topic through charts and graphs. 59% of readers read this feature every issue.
  • People & Politics: Insight into what's up under the dome. Read consistently by 55 percent of subscribers.
  • Trends & Transitions: A glance at emerging and evolving issues in state legislatures. 55 percent of readers read this feature in every issue.
  • Stateline: Short tidbits that inform and entertain on a variety of happenings. 44 pecent of readers read this feature every issue.
  • Features: Stories that make sense of current public policy with clear, concise writing. Read consistently by 55 percent of readers.
  • Tools of the Trade: Tips to help lawmakers and legislative staffers do their jobs well. 41 perecent of readers read this feature in every issue.
  • As They See It: Editorial cartoons and quotes that shine a lighthearted spotlight on state legislative activity. Read consistently by 25 percent of readers.
  • For the Record: Interviews with the people having an input on policy.
  • Taking the Floor: Leaders' perspectives.


Our Readers

Subscribers to State Legislatures comprise a successful, influential and involved group of readers—excellent prospects for your advertising dollars. State Legislatures is the only magazine that reaches every state legislator (even at their home/district address when they're out of session), member of Congress, governor, state legislative analyst and county government executive. As an association publication of the National Conference of State Legislatures, State Legislatures magazine has strong relationships and insights to our readers who turn to us for assistance in policymaking.

Your ad reaches this powerful audience of decision makers who appropriate the funds for county, state and federal level projects. These are the users as well as the purchasers who decide what products and services will be purchased in every state of the nation. This elite audience develops and recommends policy decisions that affect health care, education, criminal justice, transportation, energy, immigration, the environment and more. They count on State Legislatures to provide accurate and timely coverage of the high pressure environment in which they work. State Legislatures has proved to be the hands-down leader in reader involvement and accurate, in-depth coverage of material.

Readership Survey Results

An independent study surveyed a random sample of readers of State Legislatures. Its surpassed its competition in nearly every category. The documentation of this independent study proves that State Legislatures has the best readership of any state government publication.

Why State Legislatures Magazine?

Our readers were asked why they liked State Legislatures best and they said because it:

  • Is relevant to their jobs.
  • Provides timely and thorough coverage of the issues.
  • Is a valuable resource.

As a result of reading articles or columns in State Legislatures, our readers have taken the following actions:

  • 62% discussed the item with others.
  • 50% filed the item for future reference.
  • 42% passed the item along to others.
  • 28% used/modified an idea.
  • 27% sought further information.
  • 26% visited a web site.
  • Nearly half saved every issue of State Legislatures for reference.
  • 92% of readers spend from 15 minutes up to 2 hours reading each issue.
  • 82% read or scan every issue.
  • 77% of readers refer back to an issue at least 2 to 5 times.
  • 61% read half or more of each issue.

Source: Independent Readex Readership Survey


Who Reads State Legislatures

Subscribers are elected and appointed officials across many levels of government. All elected and appointed officials receive State Legislatures as part of an appropriation paid by their states. All other subscriptions are paid at the rate of $49 per year.

Percentage of our readers who are...

  • State legislators: 29 percent
  • State policy analysts: 27 percent
  • County government executives: 27 percent
  • Businesses: 6 percent
  • Associations: 4 percent
  • Reporters: 2 percent
  • Congress: 2 percent
  • State executive branch officials: 1 percent
  • State legislative librarians: 1 percent
  • Other government officials: 1 percent

Where our subscribers live:

  • 38 percent in the South
  • 18 percent iin the West
  • 11 percent in the Midwest and W. North Central
  • 33 percent in the Northeast/Midatlantic

We Outrank the Competition

When compared with Governing magazine and State Government News, more than twice as many copies of State Legislatures magazine are read in state legislatures.

When the legislature is in session, subscribers receive State Legislatures at their capitol address. When the legislature is out of session, all subscriptions are sent to subscribers’ home/district address. That means your ad is seen each and every issue, because State Legislatures reaches the subscribers each and every month. State Legislatures outranks the other state government publications on average of 4 to 1.

Readers prefer State Legislatures for:

Information on Politics

  • State Legislatures: 37 percent
  • Governing: 13 percent
  • State Government News: 4 percent

Analysis of Current Issues

  • State Legislatures: 41 percent
  • Governing: 13 percent
  • State Government News: 7 percent

What's Happening in All 50 States

  • State Legislatures: 47 percent
  • Governing: 11percent
  • State Government News: 7 percent

In-Depth Reporting of Issues of Interest

  • State Legislatures: 31 percent
  • Governing: 18 percent
  • State Government News: 5 percent

Pros and Cons of State Legislation

  • State Legislatures: 48 percent
  • Governing: 8 percent
  • State Government News: 5 percent

Federal Legislation that Affects their State

  • State Legislatures: 27 percent
  • Governing: 19 percent
  • State Government News: 3 percent


State Legislatures Specs and Mechanics

Printed offset, 60-lb. text coated stock, sheet fed for cover and Web for inside, saddle-stitched binding, 133-line screen.

All specifications are measured width by height.

  • Trim Size: 8.5" x 10.875"
  • Bleed: Add 0.125"
  • Live area: 8.25" x 10.625"
  • Back Cover—7.5" x 7.5"
  • Full Page—7.5" x 9.875"
  • Full Page Bleed—8.5" x 10.875" + 0.125" Bleed
  • Two-Thirds Page—5" x 9.875"
  • Half Page Horizontal—7.5" x 4.875"
  • Half Page Vertical—3.625" x 9.875"
  • Half Page Island—5" x 7.5"
  • One-Third Page Vertical—2.5" x 9.875"
  • One-Third Page Horizontal—5" x 4.875"
Preferred Digital Material

All ads should be e-mailed as pdf files to When exporting an ad as a pdf, the preferences must be set to “press quality,” embed all fonts or
convert all fonts to outlines.

General Information

PROOFS REQUIRED: Iris, Matchprint, Kodak Approval, or other SWOP approved proofs are acceptable. Color lasers are not acceptable. A proof must be delivered
regardless of media. NCSL will not be responsible for reproduction problems, fonts not embedded or file corruptions associated with ads not accompanied by an
approved proof. Please be aware most color proofing devices are not color calibrated. Most sheetfed and web printers have calibrated their proofing devices to their own
presses. Color proofs produced at one printer may not be an exact match to another printer. If you have ads that are color critical, please inquire about proofing your ads at our printer.

TWO-COLOR ADS: Build second color as cyan, magenta or yellow.

BLEEDS: Trim size is 8.5" x 10.875", add a 0.125" all around the trim size.

COPY ACCEPTANCE: Paid advertising with State Legislatures will be within the generally accepted bounds of taste and quality appropriate to a national magazine of
state government and policy, as long as the advertisement is not overtly partisan or political. The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement considered
unsuitable for the publication. Advertising that resembles editorial may be marked "Advertisement" by the publisher.

LIABILITY: Advertisers and advertising agencies assume liability for the contents of all advertisements printed and also assume responsibility for any claims arising
there from against the publisher.


Send all contracts and insertion orders to:

State Legislatures magazine
National Conference of State Legislatures
7700 East First Place
Denver, CO 80230
Attn: LeAnn Hoff
Phone: 303-856-1426 Fax: 303-364-7800

Send all pdf files, proofs and inserts to:

State Legislatures magazine
National Conference of State Legislatures
7700 East First Place
Denver, CO 80230
Attn: Katie Peshek
Phone: 303-856-1508 Fax: 303-364-7800

Ad Rates

Special Rates

Preferred Position: Subject to publisher's approval. +5%
Inserts: Rates available upon request. Contact ad sales department at (303) 856-1426.

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