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  • New questions on health law as rulings on subsidies differ | The New York Times
    Two federal appeals court panels issued conflicting rulings Tuesday on whether the government could subsidize health insurance premiums for millions of Americans, raising yet more questions about the future of the health care law four years after it was signed by President Obama.
  • Ohio collecting more in online sales tax revenue | Columbus Dispatch
    Online sales-tax collections hit a record $45 million in Ohio in the budget year that just ended, a 68 percent increase from five years ago.
  • Should lawmakers address 'digital afterlife'? | Associated Press
    The Uniform Law Commission, whose members are appointed by state governments to help standardize state laws, on Wednesday endorsed the plan for "digital assets." It would give loved ones access to — but not control of — the deceased's digital accounts unless a will says otherwise.
    State Legislatures magazine story on Life After Death Online.
  • North Carolina fifth state to rewrite Common Core | The Charlotte Observer
    North Carolina has begun a rewrite of the Common Core education curriculum.
  • Bats in Vermont statehouse? No problem | Burlington Free Press
    Bats swoop through the halls of Vermont’s grand Statehouse, and nobody seems to mind. Workers say it’s not uncommon to see the furry, bug-eating bats flying around, especially during the summer months when they seek cooler, air-conditioned hallways.
  • States, cities get creative about recycling water | Stateline
    Oklahoma is one of many states reusing wastewater to address water shortages. The practice isn’t new — California began reusing wastewater in the early 1900s — but it is increasingly popular as huge swaths of the U.S. struggle with drought. 


  • Arts in Education: Cellist and Grammy winner Yo-Yo Ma will demonstrate how the arts are transforming 35 of the nation’s highest needs, chronically failing schools, from rural Native American reservations to the urban core. It’s all part of a session at the Legislative Summit, Aug. 19-22 in Minneapolis. 



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