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April State Legislatures Magazine Available Now

The April issue of State Legislatures is on its way to your mailbox, but you don't have to wait. It's available now in PDF format and online.

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Vermont: Haven for Indie-Pols

Democrats and Republicans have an overwhelming grip on most U.S. legislatures. Of the 535 voting members of the U.S. Congress, just two – Maine Senator Angus King and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (pictured) – are independents and zero identify primarily with a third party.

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New Episode Emerges in Proof of Citizenship Serial

A new episode has just emerged in the long-running serial about whether a voter can be required to prove citizenship

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EPA Flows Forward with 'Waters of the U.S.' Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) along with the Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) have released the long-awaited Definition of “Waters of the U.S.” Under the Clean Water Act proposed draft rule. 

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Minimum Wage Getting Maximum Attention

Minimum wage is a hot issue in the 2014 legislative session, with 38 states and D.C. considering bills. To help track the action, NCSL is launching a new database on minimum wage legislation.

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Wisconsin Lawmakers Move to Standardize Early Voting

Last week the Wisconsin Senate passed a bill (SB 324) that would end early voting on evenings and weekends. SB 324 and its accompanying Assembly Bill 54 now go to Governor Scott Walker.

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The Sad Tale of Rails-to-Trails

The odds were against state and local government in the Brandt case for the most compelling reason possible: precedent (old, but pretty much on point) contradicted our position. 

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U.S. House Judiciary Committee Takes Next Step on Marketplace Fairness Act

The 113th Congress is expected to pass less legislation than any other Congress in history. However, someone forgot to tell that to the sponsors of the Marketplace Fairness Act.

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Saving for a Chance to Win this Tax Season

The Doorways to Dreams Fund, an organization that develops financial products to meet the needs of low-to-moderate income people, is in its second year in leading the Save Your Refund campaign to encourage people nationwide to start the habit of saving at tax time. 

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March State Legislatures Magazine - Now Available Online

The cover article looks at the maximum divide over the minimum wage. Opponents of raising the minimum wage contend that will force businesses to cut staff, while proponents argue that giving workers more disposable income puts money back into the economy.

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