The October/November issue of State Legislatures magazine will arrive in your mailbox soon. The cover story is all about the “luckiest place on earth.”

Mac schneider
Senate Minority Leader Mac Schneider

North Dakota, of course. Lawmakers there are dealing with the windfall—and the challenges—from increased production at the Bakken oil shale formation. “North Dakota has not seen the likes of this, ever. It’s an incredible opportunity,” says Senate Minority Leader Mac Schneider (Dem-NPL). The change has been remarkable.

Rich Wardener
Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardener

“It wasn’t that long ago—in 2003—that we didn’t have enough money to give public employees a raise,” Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner (R) adds. “So naturally, we’re being a little bit cautious.” Learn what’s being debated and decided in the Peace Garden State and read which state might be sitting on an even bigger gusher of an oil shale deposit.





Dale Mallory
Rep. Dale Mallory

Representative Dale Mallory (D)  is from the bed bug capital of the nation and he aims to do something about that. He’s fighting against what he describes as “one of the smartest bugs. It hides and waits for you, then smells your breath, like someone just lit up the barbecue grill.” Find out where he’s from on page 26.

Bill Kennemer
Rep. Bill Kennemer

Representative Bill Kennemer (R) believes Oregon found a “workable and quality solution” to the same pesky problem in the Beaver State. Discover what that is on page 27.




Toni Harp
Sen. Toni Harp

Most states have been working hard to find effective ways to reduce racial disparities in the juvenile justice system. Changes in Connecticut have transformed an “ineffective and often abusive juvenile justice system into a national model—at no additional cost to taxpayers,” says Senator Toni Harp (D). Read what they did to transform the system on page 33. 

And to find out what the U.S. Supreme Court will be ruling on this term that could have a direct impact on your state turn to page 30.

There’s a lot more you’ll find inside—from tax actions to electricity generators, Common Core educational standards to warm beer laws.

And whether you attended NCSL’s Legislative Summit or not, you’ll want to read some highlights from it on pages 18 and 19. Find out on page 35 who told all those at the closing general session: “Washington, D.C., is broken. That’s why Americans are depending on state legislators.



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