Current Partnerships

You can support the important work of the NCSL Foundation as a member of a public-private partnership. Steering committees include legislators, key legislative staff, and private sector sponsors. You must be a Foundation sponsor in order to participate.

HealthcarePartnership on Telehealth

Telehealth technologies have the potential to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered, which has led to growing interest among state legislatures, state medical boards, medical professionals and the mainstream media. However, as is the case with any fast-moving issue, there are different viewpoints about how to best proceed in advancing this revolutionary tool. State legislators are being asked to weigh in on a variety of issues related to the use of telehealth technologies including licensure, provider scopes of practice, electronic prescribing and the practitioner-patient relationship. If you are interested in learning more about this new public-private partnership and how to get involved, please contact Caroline Carlson at 303-856-1513 or

Partnership on Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The Foundation is undertaking an exciting new partnership project on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Through this one-year project, lawmakers will have a unique opportunity to work with industry leaders, researchers and safety experts as they discuss legislation addressing UAS use by law enforcement and for business and economic development. By creating specialized educational resources and facilitating candid discussions between state policymakers, industry leaders and end-users, this project will identify options for maximizing the benefits of UAS while also addressing 4th Amendment privacy and safety concerns. As the Federal Aviation Administration works to integrate UAS into American airspace, state policymakers and their constituents are working to tap the potential of UAS for public and private applications. NCSL’s new unmanned aircraft systems partnership is an important step in informing those efforts. Fundraising efforts are taking place now.

iPhone & iPad

Leveraging IT Investments to Strengthen Government

New technologies provide a range of opportunities for governments to strengthen services to citizens, improve efficiency and security, and fight fraud and abuse. This latest public-private partnership will identify ways to improve government decision-making through improved business processes, effective data management, and the use of advanced analytics. The partnership will focus on programs that have the greatest potential to improve services, increase efficiency, and deliver cost savings and/or revenue return for governments. The NCSL Foundation is currently fundraising for this partnership. Please contact Caroline Carlson if you have an interest in learning more about the latest NCSL Foundation partnership. Read more


For more information about Foundation partnerships, contact Caroline Carlson.


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