Foundation Newsletter for July 2014

Foundation Newsletter for July 2014


NCSL's 2014 Legislative Summit in Minneapolis


Friday, July 25 is the last day to book your hotel room through NCSL and to register with the advanced rate.

  • Platinum sponsors receive five complimentary registrations, gold sponsors receive two and silver receive one. (You will need your Foundation order number to redeem these registrations; for help, contact Robert Williams.)
  • View the schedule-at-a-glace for an overview of the Summit, or plan your days using the online agenda tool.
  • Download NCSL’s Summit app for all you need to know while you’re on the go in Minneapolis.
  • Look for the proposed policy directives and resolutions on NCSL's website on Aug. 1.

Foundation EventsMinneapolis

  • The NCSL President-elect’s Reception will be 6-7:30 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 18 at Orchestra Hall. NCSL’s officers, executive committee, standing committee officers and Foundation sponsors are all invited to attend. (Platinum: 5, Gold: 2, Silver: 1)
  • The Foundation’s board of directors will meet 9-10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 19 in the Hilton Minneapolis. All sponsors are invited to attend.
  • The NCSL President’s Reception, exclusively for platinum and gold sponsors, will be 5-6 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 19 in The Gallery at the Hilton Minneapolis. Invitation to follow.
  • Look for a special tribute to the Foundation’s long-term sponsors during the Wednesday general session!

General Session Speakers

  • Tuesday - Sir Ken Robinson, international education leader, is an expert on creativity, education and the economy. His ideas to revolutionize - not just reform - education challenge conventional wisdom and inspire a whole new approach to our educational system.
  • Wednesday - U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar and humanitarian Cindy McCain, are working with Congress, the states and through private initiatives to bring national focus on trafficking, ensure that victims are not treated as criminals and to develop policies to end it.
  • Thursday - Neil Newhouse and Geoffrey Garin are two of the most respected political pollsters in the nation. Their different political stripes make for a lively discussion of what Americans think about their country, which party is likely to win in the upcoming election, and what that will mean for the nation.
  • Friday - Smart, perceptive and the ultimate political insiders, Mark Halperin and John Heilemann share their unrivaled insights on the interplay among the economy, Wall Street and Washington and the forces that shape American politics. Managing editors of Bloomberg Politics and best-selling authors of Game Change and Double Down, their keen analysis and lively observations make them two of the top political observers today.

Fall Executive Committee/LSCC Meeting

Senator Debbie Smith is proud to host the first meeting of the 2014-2015 conference year in her home state of Nevada. The fall meeting of the Executive Committee and Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee will be held Sept. 27-29 in Reno, Nev.


WebinarsLatest Webinars

July 31—Energy Development and the Department of Defense: State Policy Options: As states and localities experience a dramatic increase in the number of siting and construction permits for utility-scale renewable energy, and associated electric power transmission projects, the potential for conflict with Department of Defense (DoD) activities increases. Join us on this free webinar discuss best practices from legislators and state and federal executive offices. Read more

July 25—Using State Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs to Reduce Drug Overdoses: State Success and Promising Practices: Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs, PDMPs, are state-based programs that track and report on the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances. When fully utilized, PDMPs are shown to be effective in reducing deaths and hospitalizations from prescription painkiller overdoses. This webinar will review effective PDMP components, and highlight state successes. Read more

July 17—Understanding Fiscal Notes: Thousands of bills are introduced in the legislature each year and a large number of them will have a fiscal impact on the state. For sponsors of these bills, one of the most important steps in the legislative process is the attachment of a fiscal note, often viewed as a bill’s “price tag.” Some of the questions that will be addressed include: What assumptions do staff make when producing a fiscal note? How far into the future do offices calculate the fiscal impact? What are the challenges to producing fiscal notes that include broad economic effects of legislation, rather than just revenue impact on the state? Read more

July 15—Equitable Distribution of Teachers: Teacher effectiveness is the single most important school-related factor associated with a student’s success. Equitable distribution of teachers is part of the conversation about how best to use teacher evaluations being implemented in the states. Read more

June 19—Small Modular Reactors: Today, large commercial nuclear reactors generate approximately 20 percent of the nation’s electricity and contribute 60 percent of the nation’s carbon-free electricity. This webinar explores the unique characteristics of SMRs and their potential role in the nuclear energy industry. It also discusses state and federal efforts to support development of SMR technologies. Read more

June 18—Increasing Natural Gas Pipeline Safety: From Harlem to California to Boston, the issue of leaking natural gas pipelines and their impacts on safety are front page stories on a monthly basis. How then, are natural gas utilities planning to overcome these obstacles to bring the nation’s system of natural gas pipelines into the 21st century? Read more

June 13—An Introduction to Food Safety: This webinar will explore food safety – what it is, how food outbreaks and illnesses occur, and how states are at the forefront of food safety. Read more

Latest LegisBriefs


New and Upgraded Sponsors

Leveraging IT Investments to Strengthen Government

Fourteen legislators and three legislative staff attended a two-day site visit to SAS Institute in Cary, North Carolina last month. Dr. John Goodnight, SAS CEO, welcomed the NCSL legislative group and SAS experts shared valuable information on big data and trends in data analytics and gave us a tour of the SAS data center. On day two, legislators were broken into small groups for roundtable discussions and work in the areas of fighting fraud and abuse, child welfare and foster care, Medicaid spending and constituent engagement. Esri showcased its mapping software, which allows a quick and easy visual way to analyze multiple types of data. Everyone agreed the site visit was informative, useful and something members could take back to their states. The partnership will meet again at the upcoming Legislative Summit in Minneapolis. Partners for Leveraging IT include Deloitte, Esri, Hewlett-Packard, Mob Advocacy and SAS

Partnership on Jobs and Innovation

The Jobs Summit II will take place on eBay’s north campus – PayPal on September 17-19, 2014 in San Jose, Calif. The agenda is taking shape with sessions on innovations in education, the future of commerce and manufacturing, and the use of smart tax incentives. In addition, PayPal will have tours of its Commerce Innovation Showcase. The opening session and reception will be hosted by Microsoft on their Mountain View Campus. We have over 30 legislators confirmed for this meeting with 80 expected to attend. Partners include Dell, eBay, Deloitte, Microsoft, Toyota and Walmart.

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