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Greenhouse Gas Emissions

States have implemented a variety of policies aimed at mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. At least 13 states have enacted legislation establishing statewide GHG emissions reduction requirements, with more requiring state agencies to report or inventory GHG emissions.



Ethics in the News

Check out what's going on in the world of ethics, including recent events in Illinois, New Hampshire, Guam and South Africa.


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Order Your Copy

If you are a legislator or legislative staff member dealing with redistricting, you'll want your copy of NCSL's new book on redistricting law. It's the comprehensive resource for redistricting, covering 10 legal topics critical to redistricting. Legislators and legislative staff, login to order your free copy.


States and the Electric Grid

A new NCSL report looks at the state role in modernizing the electric grid, and the challenge facing state policymakers in crafting policies that promote cost-effective investment in the electric system while allowing new approaches to flourish.


Electric Grid


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Our American States

The “Our American States” podcast is where you hear compelling conversations that tell the story of America’s state legislatures, the people in them, the politics that compel them, and the important work of democracy.



Infrastructure Issue

Urgent infrastructure needs are straining public resources. This month, the magazine examines the policies, planning frameworks and new funding approaches states are using to improve infrastructure systems in four vital areas.



Mobility and Disability

It's crucial that autonomous vehicles be designed with the needs of people with disabilities in mind, an expert on the topic told attendees at one of the opening sessions at the 2019 NCSL Capitol Forum in Phoenix.