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Efforts to Enhance Cybersecurity

While state legislatures focus on improving cybersecurity practices within state government, the federal government is also looking for ways to assist states and address cybersecurity issues on a national level.


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Substance Use Disorder

Use the interactive database on this page to find up-to-date information regarding enacted substance use disorder treatment legislation beginning in 2019, including opioid use disorder treatment.


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Prepare for 2020 Session

From disaster spending to the Electoral College and everything in between, let us help you get ready for the 2020 legislative session at this year’s NCSL Capitol Forum. Join colleagues and experts Dec. 10-12 in sunny Phoenix to roll up your sleeves and dig into the issues states will be discussing in 2020. Register by Nov. 19 and save!


2020 State Primary Election Dates

State and presidential primary dates for 2020 are listed by state and date. State and presidential primaries are used by political parties to determine which candidates for legislative seats, office of president and other offices will go on the general election ballot on Nov. 3, 2020.



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Our American States

The “Our American States” podcast is where you hear compelling conversations that tell the story of America’s state legislatures, the people in them, the politics that compel them, and the important work of democracy.



Tax Break Tug-of-War

States continue to lure big employers from their neighbors with tax incentives, despite mixed evidence on their success.



They Are All Heroes on the Honor Flights

NCSL staffer Anne Teigen recounts her experiences as a guardian on a recent Honor Flight.