imgACA and Children With Special Needs
ACA and Children With Special Needs
The Affordable Care Act changes health insurance regulations, expands access to coverage and requires improvements in services for children with complex needs.
imgMediation for Malpractice
Mediation for Malpractice
Twenty-seven states provide for mediation or alternative dispute resolution in medical liability or malpractice cases, and 17 require cases be heard by a panel before trial.
imgFreezing Credit Reports
Freezing Credit Reports
Every states allows people to place a "security freeze" on their credit reports, preventing a reporting agency from releasing a credit report without the consumer's authorization.
imgNCSL Forum
NCSL Forum
Plan now to attend the NCSL Forum Dec. 9-12 in Washington, D.C., to speak with one strong, unified voice on the issues that matter most to the states on Capitol Hill.
imgStateVote 2014
StateVote 2014
NCSL has the resources you need to understand the 2014 legislative elections and the nearly 140 ballot measures that will appear on ballots in 40 states.
imgSame-Sex Marriage
Same-Sex Marriage
Sweeping changes by legislatures, voters and most recently the courts have led to at least 31 states and Washington, D.C., now recognizing same-sex marriage.
imgState Legislatures Magazine
State Legislatures Magazine
imgState Tax Growth
State Tax Growth
A new NCSL fiscal brief looks at projected state tax growth for fiscal year 2015 based on a based on a survey of state legislative fiscal offices.

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  • Studies Conflict on Voter ID Impact, Costs

    Just last week the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released "Issues Related to State Voter Identification Laws." The authors, program evaluators for the federal government, spent a year digging deep, deep down on some key questions.

  • Karl Kurtz, NCSL's Longest-Serving Employee, Retires

    Karl Kurtz has been a leading voice for state legislatures and NCSL, even before there was an NCSL. Kurtz, director of NCSL’s Trust for Representative Democracy, is retiring after 42 years on the job and was feted during a staff luncheon Thursday at NCSL's Denver office.

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