imgImmigration Webinar Series
Immigration Webinar Series
NCSL's free webinar series on immigration continues on Friday, May 8, with a focus on immigrants in the workforce.
imgStates and Health Insurance
States and Health Insurance
A free webinar on Friday, April 24, will include national experts looking at state options for health insurance in 2015.
imgTaxing Pensions
Taxing Pensions
An updated report from NCSL looks at state personal income taxes on pensions and retirement income for tax year 2014.
imgRegister Now!
Register Now!
imgGreenhouse Gas Emissions
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
More than 70 bills have been introduced in 28 states responding to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's proposed regulations for greenhouse gas emissions from future and existing power plants.
imgState Legislatures Magazine | April  Issue
State Legislatures Magazine | April Issue
imgThe Policy Side of Elections Technology
The Policy Side of Elections Technology
National experts address legislators' questions on the latest trends in state-of-the-art tools for voting and managing elections.
imgCapitol to Capitol
Capitol to Capitol
The latest issue of NCSL's state-federal newsletter looks at the latest with anti-human trafficking legislation and offers an update on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.
imgInjury and Violence Prevention
Injury and Violence Prevention
NCSL has a range of resources related to state actions to prevent injury and violence.

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You'll be inspired, fired-up by inventive ideas, bold solutions and new connections at NCSL's 2015 Legislative Summit Aug. 3-6 in Seattle. Take a deep dive into critical issues and come up with a roadmap to results. New, interactive sessions are crafted to be engaging, relevant and memorable. They'll give you the tools you need to put your ideas into action.

This video from Visit Seattle will give you a preview of our host city.


  • Motor Voters in Oregon and Beyond

    If you do a Google search on  “Motor Voter,” you will find Oregon’s newly enacted HB 2177 at the top of the charts. That’s because the signing of the bill last month switched Oregon from “opt in” registration to “opt out” registration.

  • Win a Free Vacation! (Now That We Have Your Attention ...)

    Got your attention right? Let’s imagine you are walking through a crowded mall and see a sign selling a product. What catches your eye first? The text or the graphic they are using to illustrate what a better life you would have with this super-duper dentist-approved toothbrush.

  • New Initiative Aims to Improve Value of Health System

    Increasingly policymakers are asking the question, “What are we paying for with our state’s health care dollars?” Unfortunately, the answer often is, “Not the health system we want.”

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