imgThere’s Nothing Mini About It
There’s Nothing Mini About It
The Legislative Summit is the largest meeting of its kind, where you’ll take home ideas, solutions and connections. Register now!
imgState Legislatures Magazine
State Legislatures Magazine
The April issue looks at modernizing life insurance, the growing role of social media in the legislature, rainy day funds, U.S. Supreme Court cases and much more.
imgChild Abuse Legislation
Child Abuse Legislation
A new searchable table offers summaries of 2014 legislation in 37 states and the District of Columbia dealing with mandatory reporting of child abuse.
imgSpending Transparency
Spending Transparency
At least 36 states have passed legislation requiring a searchable website with information about state expenditures or contracts.
imgOutreach and Enrollment
Outreach and Enrollment
This new NCSL report offers lawmakers and legislative staff information on how to help people learn about and sign up for Medicaid and private insurance.
imgConsent Laws
Consent Laws
Many states have enacted consent laws for education and medical care to make it easier for extended family members who are caring for children.
imgCampaign Finance Database
Campaign Finance Database
A new NCSL database tracks 2014 legislation related to campaign contribution limits, disclosure requirements, independent expenditure requirements, pay-to-play legislation and other campaign finance related issues.
imgProtecting Access to Medicare
Protecting Access to Medicare
This NCSL brief explains provisions of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act, which extends authorization for physician reimbursement and affects other Medicare programs.
imgWebinar: Funding Transportation
Webinar: Funding Transportation
Alternative approaches to paying for transportation projects are a hot topic in legislatures and this free NCSL webinar on April 24 will have experts sharing big-picture trends.

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There's Nothing Mini About It!

It’s the largest legislative gathering in the nation and you need to be there! You’ll take home 1,000 ideas from the land of 10,000 lakes at the Legislative Summit this summer. Connect, Discover, Grow, at the NCSL Legislative Summit. It’s the best meeting you’ll attend all year. Register now!


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Through NCSL meetings, webinars and professional training opportunities, you’ll connect with legislators and staff with your same interests and concerns. Visit our Meetings and Training page and find out what’s coming up next.




US Capitol We advocate for you in Washington, D.C., before Congress, the administration and, when appropriate, in the courts.

We fight to ensure the states are free of unfunded mandates and pre-emption of state laws and that they maintain their authority and independence. Find out the issues NCSL is engaging in now and the role you play.




  • McDowell Lee, Nation’s Longest Serving Legislative Secretary, Dies at 89

    McDowell Lee, former secretary of the Alabama Senate, passed away last Thursday. Mac Lee, or Mr. Lee as I called him, was the longest serving clerk or secretary in America’s state legislatures. Before he retired in early 2011, Lee served as secretary for 47 years. He was first elected to the position in 1963. 

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