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Welcome New Members
imgHear from national experts. Register now!
Hear from national experts. Register now!
imgProtecting the Grid
Protecting the Grid
This free webinar Dec. 4 will look at how states can best assess risks to the electrical network and protect it.
imgState Legislatures Magazine
State Legislatures Magazine
imgStates and Federal Spending
States and Federal Spending
This free webinar Dec. 5 will focus on a 50-state analysis of federal spending in the states created by The Pew Charitable Trusts.
imgHealth Care for Kids in Foster Care
Health Care for Kids in Foster Care
State lawmakers enacted 46 bills in 26 states in the last six years to ensure greater oversight of health care for foster children and youth.
imgDeath and the Digital World
Death and the Digital World
Several states have taken steps to ensure appropriate access to people's email, social media and other digital accounts after they die.
imgCompulsory Pooling
Compulsory Pooling
Many states have enacted laws to deal with situations when neighboring landowners disagree about whether or not to extract mineral resources from common pools underneath their land.

We are the nation's most respected bipartisan organization providing states support, ideas, connections and a strong voice on Capitol Hill.



As a legislator or legislative staffer, you are a member of NCSL. In this video, Republican and Democratic state lawmakers invite their fellow legislators to become involved with the National Conference of State Legislatures.






People at a meeting We  connect you to the best and brightest experts in every issue area critical to the states.

Through NCSL meetings, webinars and professional training opportunities, you’ll connect with legislators and staff with your same interests and concerns. Visit our Meetings and Training page and find out what’s coming up next.




US Capitol We advocate for you in Washington, D.C., before Congress, the administration and, when appropriate, in the courts.

We fight to ensure the states are free of unfunded mandates and pre-emption of state laws and that they maintain their authority and independence. Find out the issues NCSL is engaging in now and the role you play.




  • Signs, Signs, Everywhere (the Same?) Signs

    Rarely does a U.S. Supreme Court case affect something that anyone might do on any given day. If you have ever put up or even read a temporary sign, Reed v. Town of Gilbert, Arizona may affect you.

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