imgThere’s Nothing Mini About It
There’s Nothing Mini About It
The Legislative Summit is the largest meeting of its kind, where you’ll take home ideas, solutions and connections. Register now!
imgLegislator Compensation
Legislator Compensation
A new NCSL report breaks down legislator compensation and per diem rates for all 50 state legislatures.
imgState Legislatures Magazine
State Legislatures Magazine
The April issue looks at modernizing life insurance, the growing role of social media in the legislature, rainy day funds, U.S. Supreme Court cases and much more.
imgGraduation Rates Looking Up
Graduation Rates Looking Up
High school graduation rates are on the rise, improvements that coincide with stepped-up efforts across the country to reform large, low-performing schools with high dropout rates.
imgData Transparency
Data Transparency
Several states have enacted open data legislation that aims to make nonconfidential government data available for public use.
imgHarrington Award
Harrington Award
The 2014 nominating process is open for the Kevin B. Harrington Award for Excellence in Democracy Education.
imgMixed State Unemployment News
Mixed State Unemployment News
State unemployment figures for March saw rates drop in 21 states, increase in 17 states and remain steady in 12 states.
imgImmigrants and Driver's Licenses
Immigrants and Driver's Licenses
This NCSL report is a summary of state laws that allow unauthorized immigrants to receive a driver’s license.
NCSL's April LegisBriefs look at health care issues in tribal communities and in prisons, penalties for ethics violations and social media privacy laws.
imgWebinar: Funding Transportation
Webinar: Funding Transportation
Alternative approaches to paying for transportation projects are a hot topic in legislatures and this free NCSL webinar on April 24 will have experts sharing big-picture trends.

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There's Nothing Mini About It!

It’s the largest legislative gathering in the nation and you need to be there! You’ll take home 1,000 ideas from the land of 10,000 lakes at the Legislative Summit this summer. Connect, Discover, Grow, at the NCSL Legislative Summit. It’s the best meeting you’ll attend all year. Register now!


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Through NCSL meetings, webinars and professional training opportunities, you’ll connect with legislators and staff with your same interests and concerns. Visit our Meetings and Training page and find out what’s coming up next.




US Capitol We advocate for you in Washington, D.C., before Congress, the administration and, when appropriate, in the courts.

We fight to ensure the states are free of unfunded mandates and pre-emption of state laws and that they maintain their authority and independence. Find out the issues NCSL is engaging in now and the role you play.




  • ACA Outreach and Enrollment: It's Not All on the States

    In the run-up to the March 31 open enrollment deadline, many states, the federal government, nonprofits, and others were on a mission: educate Americans about new health coverage options and help the eligible sign up for coverage. Although we’re still awaiting final enrollment numbers, it is safe to say that enrollment experiences have varied significantly across states—regardless of who is running the health insurance exchange.

  • Webinar Examines Energy Diversity, Reliability and Risk

    Do the rapid changes we are seeing in energy resources pose a threat to the stability and reliability of our electric grid? What risks do extreme weather events, such as the polar vortex, pose to our ability to heat and cool our homes, or run our businesses, during these critical times?


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